Unity One East, Inc

Private and Commercial Patrol Services

Providing our clients with the very best proven security and investigation services for 20+ years.

Tailored Security Solutions for Homes & Businesses

Unity One East provides reliable Private and Commercial Patrol Services that protect your property and assets.

Our mission is to safeguard your property and assets with precision and care. With tailored patrol solutions, we provide comprehensive security coverage that instills peace of mind. By choosing us, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to your protection.

Our experienced patrol officers are committed to ensuring your safety and the security of your private or commercial premises.

Our Patrol Services Include:

✦ Neighborhood and Apartment Patrols

Regular patrols for residential safety, deterring threats, and ensuring community peace.

✦ Commercial and Industrial Patrols

Extended patrols for business security, vigilant surveillance, and rapid response to potential risks.

✦ Mobile Security Patrol

Insured vehicles with licensed officers, comprehensive security sweeps, and stringent protocols for premises safety.

✦ Retail Security Patrol

Tailored security for retailers, proactive theft deterrence, and swift incident response.

✦ Commercial Property Security

Specialized security for commercial properties, addressing unique challenges through expert risk assessment.

✦ 24/7 Security Patrol

Round-the-clock protection for uninterrupted security and peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Patrol Services?

Hand-Selected Officers

We personally hand-select and rigorously train our security officers in all aspects of security and investigations.

Our team of professional security officers possesses expertise in observation, surveillance, executive protection protocols, and outstanding customer service.

Deterrence through Presence

We believe in proactive security. Through our "Deterrence through Presence" Program, we enhance security and safety for residents while deterring negative elements from entering.

Our security officers maintain a firm appearance and exhibit a professional demeanor.

Community Policing & State Regulations

Unity One East Security Patrol Division is committed to community policing.
Our security officers treat each property as if it were their own, prioritizing the safety of homeowners, clients, and customers. We conduct neighborhood patrol in accordance with Governmental & State Regulations to maintain a secure environment.

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