Unity One East, Inc. has an experienced and professional Investigations Division, ready to handle all of your investigation needs, both domestically and internationally. Our Investigations and Due Diligence team is an undisputed leader in the industry. While we specialize in handling complex cases and sophisticated crimes, we offer reliable and scalable solutions for whatever your legal, corporate, commercial or personal investigative needs may be.

Unity One East’s Investigations Division is staffed with professionals possessing a wealth of experience, having worked for and with military, law enforcement and professional intelligence gathering agencies both at home and abroad.

One of the primary skill sets that distinguish a good private investigator from a great investigator is real world interview skills. Often, knowing not only what to ask but how and when to ask it can be the difference between obtaining results and wasting resources.

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  • Witness Interviews and Interrogation;

  • Background Checks and Asset Location;

  • Criminal Investigations;

  • Divorce, Child Custody and Personal Investigations;

  • Witness and Missing Persons location;

  • Surveillance/ Counter Surveillance;

  • Due Diligence/ Intelligence Gathering;

  • Financial Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement Investigations;

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations;

  • Commercial Theft and Property Recovery;

  • Undercover/Confidential Informant Operations;

  • Threat Assessment/ Site Surveys;

  • Violent Crimes;

  • Cold Case Investigations;

  • Employment Screenings;

  • Situational Awareness Developmental Training

At Unity One East our investigators are law enforcement and military experienced and trained and have thousands of hours of combined real-world experience conducting interviews, interrogations to obtain confessions and using under-cover operative skills to obtain hard to get information. Our investigative team includes professionals who have worked in local, state and federal law enforcement capacities and have real-world, practical, on the job experience in the criminal, civil and private sectors. Experience is a commodity that is often difficult to quantify but when it comes to getting results, Unity One East’s investigation team is second to none.

The real world, on the job experience and professionalism of Unity One East’s Investigators allow them to excel in locating hard to find assets, missing persons, witnesses or information. We specialize in uncovering the source of the problem and collecting evidence to support the findings. Unity One East’s investigative methods and techniques are designed for the purpose of gathering and presenting facts and packaging the information for our clients so that it will be “court ready,” in a legal matter and leave no stone unturned for our clients, whether legal, corporate, commercial or personal.

So if you have the need to obtain information for whatever reason, the question you should ask yourself is not, whether you can afford to hire a professional private investigator but rather, whether you can afford not to? I assure you, when you hire the services of Unity One East’s Investigative Team, the peace of mind you will receive in knowing your case is the hands of experienced professionals will make choosing Unity One East, one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.