Chattanooga Tennessee Security Officer

Unity One East Security Patrol Division offers a wide range of client security services, to include, neighborhood and apartment roving patrols, commercial and industrial roving patrols, courier services and more. We employ only the best security officers in the industry. All of our security officers have attended our mandatory Unity One East Academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee and posses training and experience from the military, law enforcement, or private security sector. By utilizing our “Deterrence through Presence” Program we enhance the security and safety of residents while at the same time minimizing the negative elements that sometimes find their way into our neighborhoods. Our program is enhanced by our firm appearance, training and professional demeanor.

Security Sweeps are done by insured Patrol Vehicles with one (1) or (2) licensed Security Officers in the vehicle at a time. Security Officers are fully equipped with the latest equipment and protection devices. Each Security Officer understands the importance of community policing and looks at each property as their own. The safety of the homeowners in each neighborhood along with clients and customers from commercial properties is our top priority. Parking enforcement and neighborhood patrol will be conducted as per Tennessee Regulations.

If you are interested in obtaining additional information on our patrol services please call us directly at 423-475-6206.

Chattanooga Tennessee Security Guard

Unity One East provides premiere conventional security services. Understanding how important customer acquisition and product sales are to our clients sets us apart from other security companies. We personally hand-select and train our security officers in all aspects of security and investigations. Our security officers undergo strict physical fitness requirements and understand observation, surveillance, executive protection protocols and customer service. Unity One East security officers understand they are a reflection of your company and that the exhibitors and guests who attend your event view them as such. We make it a point to go above and beyond with every client to provide unmatched service and handle situations in a proactive manner, rather than a reactive one.

At Unity One East we believe security services should be viewed as a profit center and not as an expense. Our presence is meant to deter any theft or damage that may occur. By limiting the negative elements and increasing the safety and security of your exhibitors and guests we look to create a thriving and successful environment for all attending. We look forward to the opportunity to gain your business and provide your next event with a higher level of security and professionalism.

We do it all! 24/7 – The best security guards in the industry!

Chattanooga Tennessee Security Officers

Unity One East furnishes high level protective service details customizable to a single principal or for an entire group of individuals. From route surveys and threat assessments for clientele traveling worldwide to the coordination and communication of security requirements with local law enforcement, hotel security, and other location staff, Unity One East agents provide advisement and protection to executives, staff members, and other company personnel as required.

Business secrets and intellectual property, whether it’s physical or intangible, is a commodity and it should be treated as such. Sensitive information is a highly valued target in the criminal world and any individuals privileged with such resources should be escorted by a personal security detachment.

Additionally, the movement of an asset itself without escort or supervision is inadvisable and should be couriered by a specialized security unit dedicated to logistical oversight and safe delivery. Unity One East agents are equipped to service both travel and transfer of clients and property internationally.